Saturday, September 22, 2018

Send this to a man when he pulls away (then watch his face)

Change can be a good thing...

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

How to make any man beg you for commitment (Terrific advice from a cat)

Here’s a fun (slightly evil) little experiment that you should definitely try out.

Sneak up on a cat, as quietly as you can, and try to pick it up.

I’m being completely serious here. Sneak up on that cat as quietly as a cat sneaks up on mice, and scoop it up like it’s a fumbled football.

You might call this crazy, and you’re not wrong if you do, but I prefer the word “educational”.
9 times out of 10, that cat’s going to take off like it’s on bath salts. You’ll probably also get a few claw scratch beauty marks for your trouble.

There are few things to take away from this experiment:

Number one, don’t ever do it again.

Number two, the cat ran away because cats hate any kind of sneakiness that isn’t their own sneakiness.

Number three, men aren’t cats, but you shouldn’t get sneaky with them either.

A lot of women try to get their man to commit like trying to snatch up a cat, and the rate of success is just about the same

Oh, by the way, I am not saying it's your fault. In most cases, it's never the woman's fault because she basically doesn't understand the weirdness of the male mind (more on this later).

Now, let’s try an experiment that actually isn’t impulsive.

Instead of stalking the cat, let’s try approaching from the front so that it knows we’re there. Cats, like men, are visual creatures. Cats prefer to see things coming.

By approaching from the front, we can actually get into its personal space without making the cat hate us.

After you accomplish the task of getting close to a cat while it sees you, like a normal person, you can gently pet it and it might not hiss and take off like a bottle rocket.

Men are bigger than cats and not so great at slipping under the sofa at a moment’s notice, but it’s the principle here that counts.

At the first hint that a woman is trying to be sneaky with them, they’re going to make themselves scarce.

Lots of men today are already a little bit paranoid about potential hidden motives of their partners, and you definitely don’t want to give him a good reason to be on-guard. Spies aren’t known for having stable relationships, so save the sneakiness for the secret agents.

Now, here is the weird bit - You might not be sneaky whatsoever, but in the crazy world of men, what you think is completely innocent might be seen as EVIL if you were to look at the same from a male lens.

There’s just one thing that we need to remember above all else: men (and also cats, for the record) love their freedom.

To a man, being free and being alive are one and the same. The threat of losing his freedom is even scarier to a man than cliff diving, public speaking, earthquakes, and romantic comedy movie marathons combined.

To put it simply, if you want to lose a man as quickly as possible, grab onto him as tightly as possible. He’ll slip out of your grasp like an eel and put three oceans of distance between the two of you in one fluid motion.

To a man, the thought of getting locked down to the wrong woman is the same thing as death. It’s not that they’re afraid of the concept of getting locked down, though, but just that, a relationship with the wrong woman feels no better to him than being in prison. Prison means no freedom, and no freedom means no life.

But there is one thing you can do right now that will make any man chase you to the point of madness and literally make a fool out of himself to win you over.

So what is this one thing you ask? I call it a "Mesmerizing Phrases".

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How A/B Testing Works--Savio Alves

A/B Tests play a critical role in all our campaigns, we're able to prove a success of a campaign based on a successful A/B Test.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Microsoft vs. MacIntosh: Why Microsoft was preferred

In all fairness, the only Apple product that got any attempted use from me was the IPod Nano. It now resided at my mother’s house because of the difficulty in using it with my computer. When it came to whether one was better than the other, here were some facts one should consider:
The MacIntosh computers had a different type of operating system. Those that had to switch from Microsoft would have to learn a whole different set of rules and or commands. Unfortunately, this was my problem. All of the computers owned by me were completely Microsoft-based. Keeping this in mind, some Microsoft programs were not compatible with the Apple Mac computer. My printer/scanner might’ve become a casualty as it may not have been compatible either but it was replaceable.

Microsoft needed the internet to upgrade their programs and anti-virus software. It had an open door policy when it came to using their programs so there were always problems with malware, adware, and all types of computer viruses, and trojans. Apple Mac had a closed door policy, so online threats like this were avoided, leaving computer programs intact and minimal or no damage to the computer.
It still baffled me as to what went wrong the last day in January this year when starting up my mother’s laptop and getting a black screen. No one in my family knew how to fix this problem without being here. Most of the people known on the outside would have to have been here too. My sister’s friend had the ability to remotely enter the laptop and fix it that way, but they have not responded to my e mail at this time. My brother knew tech people at his job that were able to do this, but they would have to train him.

Getting three quotes from the Geek Squad didn’t make me feel any better. They compared this laptop to a 90 year old man. If they came to the house to fix this laptop, the cost started at $250 assuming it was a virus that was causing the start-up malfunction. At the $150 option, they could take it, fix the diagnosed problem, clean and upgrade it. At the $100 they could do what they needed and it would cost $10 a month on warranty. That would’ve made it healthy and still 90 years old. All of these options required the use of a credit card. Neither of these were affordable by me at this time. 
Older computers were less compatible with newer computer programs and their operating systems. It was well-known that a newer more powerful computer to do my job at Yoboogle was needed. Granted, unless there was remote support, reformatting my mother’s laptop was an option. Having an Apple Mac would’ve meant no family support. My brother knew nothing about these operating systems. If it went down, the Geek Squad would’ve been my only resource other then the Apple Store. The only good thing about them was there were no costs given until the diagnosis was made.

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