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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Knowing people by their fruit: On line advertisers not honest all the time

Knowing people by their fruit: On line advertisers not honest all the time

While it was great getting another writing assignment from Jobz For Writers, some of the mistakes made me feel like an idiot. My having to buy, Flash Fiction Forward, 80 Very Short Stories, edited by James Thomas and Robert Shapard, was as expected. Nothing was free anymore. Every site visited by me that had that book in .PDF format, wanted a fee to download it, supposedly for free. It cost more on those .PDF site than where it was purchased by me.

Stealing and faulty advertising was a breach of the eighth and ninth  commandments. It sounded like the phone app on one of the sites that was supposedly free only after signing up for three offers that weren’t needed. One site promising free .PDF downloads let me have the book, but told me to sign up for three offers before releasing the password. The other site requested membership then asked me to pay $1.99 for the download. My login was declared invalid on part of the site. It wouldn’t take any of my credit cards either. The only thing wasted here was time. My sin would’ve been in not reporting this snare.

This bad experience was not to turnout like Academia-Research because the book was in stock on There wasn’t to have been any Inter-library loan or use of the local college library either. Books-A-Million had the book, but it was not known if the store in the mall had it. There wasn’t enough cash on hand for cab fare and purchase of the book. In order to have had it here before the holiday, the two-day shipping price was almost double. Luckily there wasn’t more than one copyright date on the book above.

My ads weren’t working. It was a simple error made by me. My not knowing how to circulate my referral link got one of them banned on one of my affiliate sites. The goal was having them posted on the different affiliate sites. E-mails could’ve still been sent. In a way, what was done by me was also wrong. No one clicked on my ads because they were already members of the site they were being referred to. At least my account wasn’t suspended because of these mistakes.


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