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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fighting back after getting burned on line

This summer wasn't considered the most defining of my life, not that it was all that bad, but it wasn't anything to brag about either. The only thing learned by me was how to survive financially after being burned on line twice in the same summer.

I have made and lost a job in the space of three and a half months. Jobz For Writers was a great place to work, provided the employee was available to take on projects last minute, due within five hours or less or a 50 page project with the expectation from the client and employer that it be completed over night including the research..The people who made the decisions as to who got what assignment took too long. They sat on the assignments for at least two days before they were given out. Even though my last client was in the Masters program, they didn't understand the easiest of questions, like:

  1. What direction was the paper to go?
  2. Where would one get the articles needed for this piece?
 For the medical journals one had to buy the articles to use them.  It took the client two days to download information needed to write the paper.

There was no way to write this paper in two days time after all the smoke cleared. My computer crashed the day before the first deadline. I got burned again twice with this trying to get the problem fixed. but by the time the smoke cleared here, there were three on line companies that were vying for repairs on my laptop. They were none too kind when my phone call came through to cancel all three because of my financial problem. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. because it taught me two things:
  1. Never let anyone over the phone scan the computer for problems that didn't exist.
  2. Know one's rights when agreeing to services offered by a third party. 
Even though all three companies told me it was known what was offered, [they read a statement over the phone stating their position] one of them coerced me to take extra coverage for a computer that was not in use.This one gave me some of the money back to avoid getting a black mark over their coercion. It wasn't the service offered it was the price.Since my phone call came through the tech assigned to help me got their $99 regardless. The last was a scam because no one from the company they represented or the one called by me to get things going right again, knew who they were so my refund here was in full .

Waking up to $1.70 in my bank account on August 20, made me start to economize in order to pay bills for the next few months by cutting unnecessary expenses. reducing the cost of some services and, paying out of pocket by buying on a need only basis. While it saved me from being evicted from the apartment, it left me with some serious concerns on what to do next. In spite of my efforts to save and the big chunk left in my account, it still left a big gap in my cushion.

The truth was, while all this was going on, my VR Counselor informed me that there were two weeks left in our association before they had to close my case on September 8. Since it was already known by me how to:
  1. write a resume and cover letter
  2. handle myself during an interview
  3. follow up with a thank you letter
There was no need to pay another vendor to help me job develop.They had no idea that Work Services did this the second time. If my mother hadn't found the job as a part time tutor at the Eastside Girls' and Boys' Club, the nine year disaster with the first counselor would have occurred again. Even if there was a job outside the home, the two jobs occupied by me took half my paycheck. Even though both were around the corner from Mom's house, the money I made went to the cab company. A lot of the customer service jobs they recommended were out of the county like Richland Hills and Corral, Texas. Most of the greeter services offered at Walmart, IHOP, and the like were cut because of the economy. The ironic thing was they didn't know this. After nine months of listening to how they knew what I went through and how hard things were here, it felt like I was lied to.Contractual work was great but at this time it wasn't lucrative.

 Mom mentioned other state services, but knowing what I did about them, I'd have to be homeless and penniless before I qualified for them. Even Section 8 housing required a part time job while living on their rosters and meeting income requirements to boot.Since finding these services were harder because of the economy, it might have been wiser to stay with contractual work like writing. At least it was something that bought money in.

Hopefully, there won't be any more burns suffered by me if my wits were kept. Only God knew what was.



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