Welcome to Kim’s Kitchen, my new blog all about food. Anything went.
During a church carnival a few years ago, the remark was made by me about being the only child on the block that never had a chemistry set. Judging by the way chemicals were mixed from my trying to get rid of  mineral deposits or hard water stains in the bathroom toilet at mom’s, it was a miracle the house didn’t burn down or explode. Her idea was to color the water blue or green hoping it would hide the mineral deposits and hard water stains.  With my method, the porcelain in the bowl was stain free for almost a month and the tree roots found growing in both sets of pipes were probably cleared for six.
There was a drawback to using something that potent when cleaning the bathroom other than the fact that mom got mad at me for mixing all those chemicals. Since that incident, using anything with a harsh or strong odor made my head ache or stomach turn counter-clockwise.  That was why food was less dangerous for me to experiment with then dangerous harsh chemicals.
The inspiration for this blog came from four  areas: my father, my church family,  the late Art Ginsburg, (Mr. Food), and Doctor Oz.
My father remarked, after letting things get worse than bare bones and hearing me complain, what would’ve been done if any of us lived alone? One time there were at least six boxes of cereal, all with less than a mouthful in them. Maybe four or five of them would make a bowl full of cereal but who ate Raisin Bran other than Dad? In all fairness, he did teach me how to make a Steak’ Um on the stove. After  getting a  first real cooking lesson, going back to anything with meat and cheese between two pieces off bread with Miracle Whip or Hellmann’s Mayonnaise  was ordinary.
While some things, like my Homemade Pasta Sauce, wasn’t liked by everyone. Some of the recipes in my new cookbook  like the homemade muffins, Chocolate cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies, were devoured by the children on the church bus and in the adults in a Sunday School class because the tin came  back empty. These recipes had Extra Virgin Olive Oil added in the place of  stick butter. Sometimes Egg Beater eggs were used in the place of egg.  My Chocolate Chip Brownies sold at auction to help two people on a mission trip to the Ukraine sold for $47 one year.
Mr. Food  and Dr. Oz was instrumental in getting my creativity going.  His  BBQ Cheddar Meatloaf and Low Fat Chocolate Sour Cream Cake  were delicious.  Being able to adapt a Salmon Loaf out of the BBQ Cheddar Meatloaf was a thrill for me. Telling everyone that the barbecue sauce was left out made the salmon taste better. Cutting down on the amount of meat  and cheese used with both made storing leftovers easier.  With the regular meatloaf, cutting down to one-third of a pack  of beef made less fat, so draining the pan was easier unless low fat beef was purchased. Half a can of salmon made sandwiching the cheese easier. It was hard using a rolling pin that made the loaf, so sandwiching both types were easier for me.
Two  things were learned about making the meatloaf or salmon equivalent. This was where the mishaps came in (1) The meatloaf or its salmon equivalent was not adaptable as a burger or patty recipe, especially if too many eggs were used.  (2) One should’ve never used dill pickle unless they were cut up.  The loaf  with this in it came apart when lifting it out of the pan. It was too juicy.  At least the mistakes made didn’t hamper eating these mishaps.
Next time: How my Homemade Muffins were created. There were plenty of mishaps there too!