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Friday, April 19, 2013

My Homemade Muffins

My Homemade Muffins

The need to create always existed. By the time my father passed on, the way around my mother’s kitchen was well known A chemistry set was not on the list of things neither child in my parents home ever got. Mom didn’t trust us not to blow the house up. She told me this last weekend. The kitchen became my “chemistry lab”.
Having a younger sibling was great, until the older one got stuck eating their bland diet. Anything condensed was hated by me. My father got the better soup the one where the vegetables and meat could be seen. There were more noodles, rice, round, and star-shaped pasta then vegetables in what me and my sister ate. Jello was out also unless one put more that canned oranges in it. Eating apple sauce was not on the list either unless my stomach was upset.

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