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Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a Nice Guy by Phil Torcivia an informative and comical book.

This book was informative and comical. It makes me want to write a response after what I've seen myself. 

Why is it that middle aged men want women with 3% body fat but they have the sagging bottom when they turn around in the mirror? Most of what I've seen down here is the opposite, usually the beer gut appears after drinking several six packs. They wear suspenders to hold up their belly, but have no behind. 

I never understood the need for anyone teenaged or adult that wore the oversized trousers with their underwear showing out the back or bare rear end in plain view. I told one of my male relatives that just showed the prisoners that they were "available". He told me he wasn't planning on going to prison. I hang my head in shame because one of the church van drivers, now deceased, told me that. 

I liked the comments made about the 40 or 50-somethings. I'll just have to Google to see what "Granny Panties" really look like. I know of at least one or two women around that age that don't wear any underwear at all. This was a fashion statement for the boys overseas, but it was taboo for a girl or middle-aged woman to not wear a bra. I suppose they are right when the person has poor posture when they sit so that their boobs hare hanging near their belly. 

I wouldn't worry about what the check out clerk knows about you by the items placed on the counter. I'd be more concerned by the type of Trojan condom being bought or whether there's a need for any type of warming lubricant. I think more would be said about that then what one eats. It's even worse when there is a live-in partner that uses feminine products. Suppose they needed bladder control products or adult diapers? 

I think both men and women would enjoy this book. 

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