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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reinvention of oneself not easy, but necessary after a trial.

Between March and October 2011, everything was turned upside down. Covering my stories became more difficult because there was not any way for me to get to church Wednesday night. For more than a month, no one from the local children’s ministry took the van that night partly because of a trust issue, whether the driver were there to take the riders home at 7:30. Parents were picking up and dropping off their children to ensure they got there. The current driver told me last Sunday that the van was full, meaning he had riders but they came from a local mission and it took him at least thirty minutes to return them there, drive back to the church, pick me up and take me home. Most of the articles in the works during the late spring and summer fell through because of a lack of understanding of my situation and the six months of extreme heat.
The people that took me to Wednesday night service didn't work out. It was time for me to step out. This still left me with a big dilemma, how to cover my stories for the Examiner. Well, since getting to Sunday service was easier, doing things by phone, Internet, and writing questions on paper were the best option. A writer never went without pen and paper. For me, this reinvention of oneself was not easy but necessary after a trial like that. There was an answer to prayer, the van was being used. It felt as if my right arm was removed in not having a ride to Wednesday night service.

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