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Friday, June 3, 2011

Becky Due's The Dumpster a quick weekend read.

This book was good because of the easy flow of the writing. If I didn’t have to stop to eat, sleep, or go to church, I would have read the whole book in a matter of days instead of the traditional week. This book had me so immersed in it that I read almost half of the 196 pages in my first sitting.

It bothered me that most of Nicole’s men were self-absorbed. They only stayed around because they got what they wanted. She did make it easy becoming intimate with them so quickly. Why buy the cow when one can taste the milk free, right? Some of the men she dated had personalities that smelled as bad as that dumpster outside her window. I will give her credit though for not sleeping with the guy she called “the geek’.

That dumpster was symbolic. I admire the way Nicole pitched everything unwanted out her window into the dumpster, starting with the portable DVD player Tom gave her with his “Valentine’s Day” message. I clapped when she whizzed through her apartment, getting rid of old stuff.

I really admired the way Nicole handled her breakup with Stan the rebound man and the way she let Tom know it was over. Her comebacks had me cracking up. If this were made into a movie, who would play the lead role? It might become a cult classic.

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