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Be careful what was posted on Facebook. They updated their community standards just recently. This was to make everyone using the site feel safer. This was a great idea. However, some things were still not allowed. How was this different to some of the images posted to other sites? Google reversed its crackdown on pornographic images last month, three days after making the announcement. Reddit still maintained its rigid policy.

Let’s start with Facebook:

·         Things like women engaged in beastfeeding and scarring from the breast being were allowed to have been photographed,
·         Showing the breast with the nipple was not allowed.
·         Male and female genitals were banned
·         Sexually explicit videos:  those that show intercourse weren’t allowed
·         Any kind of hate speech, including any type of bullying was not allowed either.
·         Harsh or abusive language, Swear words, derogatory comments, etc.

While nudity in some cases was beautiful, my not wanting to see a woman with a large backside in a thong one piece do a butt dance on Facebook. It was in my newsfeed. After reporting this in January, they informed me that the image did not violate their guidelines at the time.

Google was a little different. Not only were they to relocate those blogs with sexually explicit photo and  video content, they were to have removed pictures that the user didn’t have a right to. This extended to my WordPress blogs too because the same effect date of March 23 was seen there last month.

One shouldn’t have assumed that a Google image of anybody was fair game. A watermark was similar to the trademark symbol and protected the author’s rights to use them. Granted, at least two of the images used on my Hot Topics blog of Julia Roberts and her husband were removed a few times.
Three days later, they reversed their rigid decision and cracked down on those that sold pornography via their blog site. This by no means allowed me to use nude pictures of Kim Kardashian, even if she did approve them. After seeing her and Kanye’s photos in the buff, it was in my best interest to remain discreet. Both had a tendency to push the boundaries of common decency just for publicity purposes.
In 2014, Blogger removed sites containing pornographic ads on them and the year before, it stopped showing pornographic ads on them.  With my Busy Bee Classified section, pornographic sites were not allowed because most if not all of the sites used by me to circulate that link did not allow that sort of thing. They would remove my link and suspend my account as a consequence. 

Charter declared inactive: Members receive alumni status

There were some bad things heard of by me before, but this was beyond a disgrace. Frankly, I am glad the parent of this fraternity had it declared inactive for its behavior was intolerable.  Not only did they destroy resort property, they refused to own up to the trouble caused. It might have destroyed the trust of this and all other fraternities that use ski resorts honestly.

Didn’t they read the student handbook when they became students of that university? Surely, there was a section on a student’s code of conduct on and off campus? At least, they encouraged incoming freshmen to thoroughly read that section when I was an undergraduate. As part of a fraternity or sorority, the behavior of those in public should have been reserved and refined even more than regular standards.

Damages were estimated to be about $400,000 to the 45 rooms they rented were:

1.      Ceiling tiles.
2.      Exit signs
3.      Broken furniture, including doors
4.      Urine stains on the rug

In a statement by Leland Manders, executive director, said:

"It is regrettable that these vandals, as well as the officers of the chapter, decided that avoiding personal accountability and/or university sanctions took priority over the welfare of the entire chapter; their lack of cooperation led to the university's withdrawal of recognition of the entire chapter for a four-year period. Sigma Alpha Mu worked in cooperation with university officials and regretfully agreed with their request to close the chapter,"

Apparently, according to another article, members of Sigma Alpha Mu were placed on alumni status, which meant that these members were not to be associated with any other recognized chapter, didn’t have the rights given to those of undergraduate status, and were not eligible for SAMs scholarships. Sigma Delta Tau, their sister sorority, got a two-year suspension for their part in this out of control action.

In my opinion, blaming the parent would’ve been inert at this point. By the time these young people enter college and have gotten to the point where they were members of sororities or fraternities, they should’ve known how to behave. Damaging someone else’s property was a felony.  In addition to these suspensions, further charges might have been filed after the police completed their investigation. If the parent were me, my child would participate in the payment of the repairs to those 45 rooms without my help

OU: Fallout from racial chant continues

Apparently, our nation still had a long way to go if something as ignorant as a racist chant was allowed to be filmed and sent to African Americans on campus.  Of course, I am echoing some words spoken by Whoopi Goldberg for the second time in three months.

Here’s what has happened so far:

·         The Oklahoma chapter of SAE was boarded up an all were told to vacate by midnight Wednesday, The letters were removed also.
·         Two students were expelled over the incident.
·         Parker Rice was identified as one of ring leaders of the racist chant. He had apologized as of last night, but it wasn’t enough, even after his parents came to his defense in an open letter to the Dallas Morning News

1.       Because of this incident, other chapters of SAE were being investigated. It reportedly happened in a university chapter in Louisiana.
2.       Other disciplinary action waited for those they were able to identify in the video.

The Oklahoma chapter of SAE had zero tolerance for this kind of action. Even the president of the college had some strong words in his tweet.  It was also condemned by the local chapter at Midwestern State University. As an alumnus, I applaud this. One never knew about people until they’ve had too much alcohol and a video was being recorded.  Like the university and the parent of the student who wrote an open apology, this was appalling behavior. It was not what SAE stood for.

According to The Oklahoman the President said along with the student protest:

“Real Sooners are not bigots, real Sooners are not racist.”

 Below was another reaction:

Former OU and Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switizer, who is also an SAE member, released a statement Tuesday supporting the university's decisions.
“While I support the University of Oklahoma and SAE’s decision to pursue swift actions, this situation is unfortunate for the many innocent people involved. As a longtime supporter of the University and member of the SAE chapter, I know the majority of our students don’t condone or participate in bigotry. These incidents are not a reflection of the true spirit of our campus," Switzer said. "I hope that we can begin to heal the wounds by avoiding rhetoric that fuels the fire and instead spend more time thinking about how we can collectively create positive relationships and interactions among our campus family.“

In a statement made today he said:
“It hurts me because I’ve got a vested interest in this. As I said I’m an SAE and I know the kids in this house, I spend some time over here and I know what they’re like. Hey, I wouldn’t put up with that crap either and they don’t either and they don’t believe in it.”

 Racial slurs ranked right up there with swear words. To utter either one in public showed a severe flaw in one’s character, especially in front of young children.  Because they pick up the parents bad behavior, including the racist comments and swear words, it was better to watch their language. This blogger by no means walked on water.  None of my actions were recorded on video and posted on social media either.

Three in the buff

It was only Tuesday and there were a lot of posts on Yoboogle that seemed just crazy. The ironic thing was that they all centered around one theme:  nudity. One did it to sell copy, one did it on a dare and the other had a mental illness.

My parents, my doctor, and my future husband were the only ones allowed to see my nude body at any time.  Granted, with as many doctor visits I’ve had in the last few years, removing my clothes before the examination was somewhat of a touchy situation. They still make one remove the shoes, the skirt and the nylons when wearing a dress.

Kim Kardashian explained, in one of her interviews, that her body would’ve changed upon carrying child. Apparently, she wanted her body image before then to last forever.  My mother told me any kind of ‘exposure’ by her or any other Kardashian female sold because it was sexual.  The public loved it. No sooner was the video posted of her nude body, then four people clicked on the link. Demi Moore posed nude while she was pregnant in 1991 and received a lot of flack from it. Like Kim Kardashian, she couldn’t keep her clothes on either. Kim had more pictures of herself in the buff to look at because she also posed nude for Paper and Love magazines.

Kim Karashian might have been wiser not to expose herself so much. Even though she would’ve loved to keep pictures of her body before her second pregnancy, the sex tape with Ray J was still out there in digital format as were these pictures. To me, I seemed that Ms. Kardashian , like Linda Blair, was overexposed.

In the case of this second story, one person removed her clothes outside a Greenacres Dunkin Donuts on a dare and got arrested for indecent exposure.  The story went on to explain that this was done as a pledge to some dance troop. Where she pledged to remained unknown at the time the story was published. Even though Shakara Monik Martin was offered something to wear several times and refused, she changed her mind after the cops appeared in the establishment. She was charged in court this morning and released.

What was the purpose of stripping naked on a dare? This sounded more like a college hazing incident than a pledge to some unnamed dance troop. Hazing was illegal on both college campuses in Wichita Falls. Penalties were severe for this too. One only needed to read the student handbook. Now Ms. Martin had a police record on top of everything else.

This last story was sad, because efforts to stop this nude man from charging the officer that confronted him reportedly acting strange, knocking on doors and crawling on the ground, was shot and killed. According to this story, the unarmed man might have suffered a mental illness. This came on the heels of the violent protests in Ferguson Missouri and New York last year and the protests in Chicago area after an unarmed African American youth was killed.  This incident wasn’t any easier to take because of the mental illness. According to the Huffington Post, this was the third African –American shot there in as many weeks.

This blogger wondered what was to happen next week. 

New hairdo on Kim Kardashian looked great!

The new hairdo on Kim Kardashian looked great! My boss wanted something on my blog about the them for weeks. Well he finally got it. Personally it was better to have written about their faces and fashion rather than their “well-endowed” posteriors.  She wanted a change.

In all truthfulness, I had to do a little research on this family and how it became famous. It appeared their father, Robert Kardashian , a lawyer for O.J. Simpson,  defended him in his murder trial of Ron Goldman  and Nicole Brown Simpson. It was nice to know that the family was moving on in spite of Olympic star, Bruce Jenner’s gender reassignment, in which they all rallied around him in support of it.

That said, Kim Kardashian admitted in one of her interviews for an entertainment magazine that she had to get laser hair removal for her forehead. Most of the time, they had to be air brushed after a photo shoot. She had according to an article on the E website “the hairiest forehead ever”.
The last time she changed her hair color was almost two years ago. It wasn’t to last though because she wore a wig. Here’s why this color hair looked great on her:

·         As a platinum blonde, she would easily pass for Draco Malfoy’s (Tom Felton) aunt or even his mother.   She was unseen in the Harry Potter movies.
·         She even was able to star in a movie of her own with that hair color. Maybe another type of sorceress.

I think it looked neat. It’s nice to see Kim do something not so controversial too. Maybe I should try auburn highlights…hmm. 

 No clear plan: Netanyahu's Congressional Address got no response
Was Obama a 'puppet' of his own administration?

There were some people in Congress that just didn’t get it. What did they think would happen if Iran were allowed to remain a nuclear power? Most of these negotiations being discussed were great, but Iran still wasn’t dismantling their nuclear weapons. All that was needed was a little  more than enough tension like the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 for someone on either side of the Atlantic to have an excuse in using the red button.

Both parties knew that President Obama needed their approval before he acted on situations like Iran and the crisis in the Ukraine. It seemed that the Russian Prime Minister also knew there wouldn’t be any approval without a major concession made by Obama. Both sides wanted him to dismantle ObamaCare.

Even though my membership was elsewhere, to dismantle this progam would disenfranchise those that depended on that type of care to survive. The response by those that want to take away the above program gave an a remark: for them to have gone to the emergency room. Before two of the three hospitals in my area merged, there was a notice on the wall that told patients that the hospital turned away those without insurance. They usually asked before someone was treated at the ER or clinic. This weeded out those without insurance.

According to Secretary of State, John Kerry, Netanyahu didn’t get a positive response from his speech because:

1.      Nobody gave a clear plan that actually stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons, Forcing them to agree to a list of demands didn’t work.
2.      None of the P5+1 partners would support the U.S. with that position.

Congress wanted to preview any legislation that made a pact with Tehran, but the president said he would veto it because it would cause valuable time to have been wasted while it was discussed in congressional committees. Right now, the House and Senate didn’t have the number of votes they needed to counteract his veto power.

Will they reach an agreement to make the United States appear stronger on the world stage? This has been my hope since Barack Obama became president in 2008. This approval he needed to take action probably wouldn’t have occurred without a major catastrophe hitting America like September 11, 2001. I mean, the only thing missing was the thirty page application as to the why behind the approval.

One of my friends online asked me what was wrong with our government. There were still people in the government that did not like Obama as president, mostly Republicans and a few Democrats. The moment he took the oath of office, they vowed to make it harder for him to do his job. That meant any action Obama needed authorization from congress for went with a concession he had to agree to, like dismantling ObamaCare, or letting the Republicans in congress review any bill passed concerning Iran.

According to Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, the president came off as nothing but a puppet of his administration. Before Russian Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the U.S. Congress, Obama was given a list of 17 talking points in which he took his cues from courtesy of a former campaign advisor. This makes my point as to why it was thought Obama didn’t understand what was going on. Netanyahu rebuked them for their non response. Yet one headline said the prime minister used what remained of their relationship to make his plea to the U.S.

There was some good news though. With all these hurdles before him, Obama couldn’t get in trouble by being impeached if he weren’t allowed to act. ObamaCare was in the hands of the Supreme Court. Their job was to interpret the law, not formulate new government policy. Like the immigration issue, it was a waiting game to see if the law was a rewrite.There were stories on both sides for and against the Russian plan. Now there is another waiting game on the horizon. 

Visa to replace American Express at Costco in April 2016

Costco was to start accepting Visa credit cards in the place of American Express in April of next year. This came on the heels of them dropping the pact with the other credit card company. Citi was to also absorb the American Express Costco card.

Currently, the store only allowed American Express cards and debit cards to purchase items in the store and at its gas stations. It did however accept Visa and MasterCard for purchases on their website.

Citibank had all but abandoned my small town in Texas almost two years ago, closing most of its major branches here in favor of cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. They wanted to focus on the larger markets. My mother told me six months ago there was still a Citibank open on Southwest Parkway. Neither of us were able to use it.  

This split really hurt American Express in that it had to find new markets in which to grow as new ways to pay emerged on the scene. This was also affecting their competitors too. On Visa and MasterCard, there were no yearly fees. On the Green, Gold and Purple American Express cards, there were yearly fees. Because of the large amount charged to my card last month, my pay over time was suspended last month until the balance came down.

Costco, like Sam’s, only accepted cash for those not having an in store card when purchasing items. A card like this wasn’t needed by me at this time because shopping in bulk was not necessary. 

Media standards needed an oerhaul: Where were the consequences for going too far?

What’s with all these top notch reporters on major television shows ‘embellishing the truth? Brian Williams got a six month suspension from the NBC Nightly News anchor chair, since taken over by Lester Holt. Bill O’Reily was still suffering from his report on a JFK story. It appeared that the audio refuted his earlier claims. What was this, a witch hunt?
In all fairness, this blogger really did a 360 when it came to watching his show on the Fox News Network. Being neither a Republican  nor a fan of the network itself since his bashing of the late Michael Jackson a few years back preferred to either change the channel or turn off the TV altogether. My job as a blogger was to write how I felt about certain situations without becoming too controversial. While it was unfortunate that Brian Williams preceded O’Reilly in the untruth department, he should face the same penalty as Brian Williams.

Granted Bill O’Reilly had been the loudest over his distaste of Jackson’s personality and the media coverage of his death. There were major discussions in my former Sunday School Class over whether he was a Christian, being shunned by Jehovah Witnesses because of  his ‘Thriller’ single from the famous album. Even after apologizing for the video in Awake magazine, The Watchtower view was against spiritualism conflicted, he left that church. As for my feelings about O’Reilly, were that his mouth would cause trouble one day. He did this to himself, just like Williams and Rancic.  All of them took things too far. Two of them lied and the other uttered a racial innuendo over Zendaya’s dreadlocks. The media should have zero tolerance for these things just like plagiarism.

Before reporting the news became an almost anything went media, news anchors and entertainers before  O’Reilly and Rancic, people that were top officials in their field had a sense of right and wrong. The stories reported by them were checked and recheck for accuracy without the blasting a person, lying and// racial slurs. They only filmed for the news reels and television broadcasts. O’Reilly and Guiliana Rancic should face some punishment as yet to be determined. Their rung on the entertainment ladder didn’t matter.

A tale of two phone versions: The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge images leaked

Another version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 was due out this coming week. According to reports from a verified source, there won’t be one version, but two styles of the phone. With all its flaws, my obtaining the Galaxy S3 was something of a blessing. Two years ago, Verizon sold my version and everything above starting at $250. Having seen the his phone when my brother came for Christmas last year was even better only if the extra features were needed. Imagine having two versions from which to choose?

That was exactly what users were to get when they pre-registered for the phone, according to a Reddit post from someone identified as ‘a verified worker’ from Sprint. The choice was to have been made through a screen shot of either the S6 or S6 Edge. There were differences between the two phones other than the name of course. The S6 had the usual front screen similar framework. The S6 Edge was somewhat bent on the opposite ends. It will have the tagline ‘six appeal’ at the T-Mobile site.

Apparently, sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 hadn’t sold very well mainly because it was similar to the previous S4. The company was hoping to regain their losses with these two newer versions of the S6. My brother’s Galaxy Note Edge looked like the old pocket calculator with the case included.

My Galaxy S3 was part of my life. It kept up with my appointments, when using the calendar, it allowed me to play games, and keep up with friends and page activity on social media. My sister was concerned about there not being anything in between my Nokia 6010 and the smart phone used by me now. A lot of people were still using it. It was almost like it had always been with me. Like the two new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, It was sure to become the sales hit for Samsung.

In Memoriam: Leonard Nimoy, A Tribute

Today was a sad day because Leonard Nimoy had passed away this morning at age 83. Last week, it was reported that the actor/director was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pains. As a fan of the original Star Trek series with William Shatner, my siblings and I would watch the show every afternoon at 4 p.m. My brother wouldn’t miss it.  Its five year mission barely lasted three.

Mr. Spock made my brother and I laugh, first with the Vulcan Salute, which did hurt worse as one got older. And secondly with the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, which would make me howl in pain because of my sore shoulders if it were done now.  In one of his earlier interviews with a television magazine, Leonard Nimoy explained how it was created and why. He hated violence. He also amazed me with his vast knowledge both as Spock on the show and in real life.

Getting into his costume for filming meant that his ears had to have been pinned back to fit the pointed prosthetic ears and his eyebrows shaped. That couldn’t have been comfortable to him. Some of his other achievements were the 1980’s hit,” Three Men and a Baby” and the sequel, “Three Men and a Little Lady” according to The Guardian. Before that, I enjoyed his hosting duties on “In Search of”, my being a mystery buff.  

Leonard Nimoy now joined his cast mates James Doohan, (Scotty ) Deforest Kelly (Bones) and the series creator,  Gene Roddenberry, on the memorial wall. He did "Live long and prosper" Shalom, my friend. 

Racist comment crackdown: Apologies were accepted but weren't enough for the networks

Another mouth was in trouble over a racist comment. I grow weary of the racism topic. I am glad action was being sought because of it though.  What happened with Guiliana Rancic ‘s comment about Zendaya’s hair at the Oscars Sunday night was that it was inappropriate  and uncalled for.  

There were two reasons people uttered racial slurs:  
1.      They actually didn’t realize they were doing it
2.      They knew and didn’t care

Obviously, this anchor started out not caring until there was a social media backlash about it. Ms. Capel  didn’t know the word she used was a racial slur. In the case of the more mature anchor, Rancic really should have known better. Whatever happened to not saying anything if one couldn’t have said something nice? Remember what the wise owl in Bambi told Thumper?

In the Bible, the mouth was used to edify, build up, or tear down. Racial slurs meant to tear down certain groups of people which not only showed a flaw in the person’s character, it also forever left a bad mark on them, even after their attempts to make it right. In this case, both anchors have a trail back to their mistakes this week. The apology won’t make this go away over night.

The Ironic thing was that Ms. Rancic also made a comment in reference to Zendaya smoking weed. Sheesh! Didn’t this woman ever stop? I applaud Kelly Osbourne’s rant on Twitter. Even though she threatened to leave Fashion Police over this and the comment above apparently Rancic made an apology for this too.

Unfortunately, this might have came too late. Her mouth may have gotten her in trouble with her network bosses. The show that Guiliana Rancic co-hosts with a few other people want her fired over all the bad press from her unkind words. There was forgiveness from Kelly Osbourne and Zendaya, but the producers of the show were known for playing hardball and might fire her anyway as of yesterday.

At least Ms Capel got a three day suspension for her racist comment. Her apology wasn’t enough. I agree with this punishment and what happens to Guiliana Rancic as well.  

Aguilera, Fallon impressions were side-splittingly funny

Imitation was the sincerest form of flattery at least, that was how the old saying went. It made me laugh to hear Aguilera’s version of The Folger’s jingle as sung by Cher “This Little Piggy” as sung by Britney Spears, and "The Golden Girls" theme as sung by Shakira. Jimmy Fallon’s version of ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ as sung by Michael McDonald and “You’re a Grand old Flag” as sung by David Bowie had me laughing so hard I was aching. Jimmy Fallon was just as funny as his predecessors.

Since my computer only worked in Safety Mode With Networking, listening to music or watching videos had to have been done by smart phone. Fallon’s Wheel of Impressions were side-splittingly funny. They were sick enough to survive hard times but not enough to be admitted to an insane asylum.

In all fairness, watching the Tonight Show wasn’t really on my list of top priorities. Watching the show with Johnny Carson wasn’t allowed, my being too young. Jay Leno was funny enough but only when there was someone on that I knew. The sad part about this was that now that I was old enough to watch, I’m falling asleep thirty minutes after the show started.

This blogger can’t wait to see the next attempt at this segment. It was sure to become a staple of “The Tonight Show” for years to come. 

 Anchor's racial slur derogatory toward African-Americans

Well one couldn’t please everyone all the time. Using a racial slur to describe someone's music was inappropriate and derogatory toward African-Americans. Personally, I enjoyed Lady Gaga’s melody from The Sound of Music. Her tribute to Julie Andrews that was shown on the Today Show Monday morning sounded great. Known for her flamboyance: hatching out of an egg at the 2011 Grammy’s, wearing a dress made from raw meat, and pretending to die covered in blood at the 2009 VMA’s, this vocal performance shocked many people. It pleased Julie Andrews enough to hug her on stage afterwards.
 Even though her red gloves raised eyebrows with the ball gown she wore, the racial slur, jigaboo, uttered by a news anchor had me concerned about weather hr job should have come into question. My father always told me never to use words if their meaning weren’t known. Well unlike Kristi Capel, this blogger looked up the word she used to describe Lady Gaga’s music.

Jigaboo was defined as a contemptuous term for a black person. It was meant to have been derogatory. As an anchor, Ms. Capel had no excuse not to have known that word could’ve been offensive with access to electronic dictionaries on smart phones and computers. If the music sung by Lady Gaga was hated, it wasn’t always of the black variety. The look on her co-anchor’s face should’ve been a clue.  That word was as close to the n word that started many fights on school playgrounds and buses.

After this performance by the entertainer, musical theater should write a musical for her to star in knowing she could handle the melody she sang. This may have been Lady Gaga’s ‘audition’ to try something new. Maybe the Ms Gaga wanted to try acting the part of the title she carried on her stage name instead of being rude and impolite, like she was known for too.

All that was meant was, Ms Capel should’ve thought before she spoke that racial slur. If one wasn’t sure they should look it up. Then she wouldn’t have needed to have made an apology. 

Standing firm in the face of adversity: Monique's stand for Integrity
Everyone who was anyone was going to watch the Oscars this weekend. Once again, controversy made press. This time, there was no rushing the stage crying foul. This had to do with an actress’s treatment because of her refusal to campaign for their award. That’s what Mo'Nique claimed in her recent interview.
Apparently, because she didn’t promote the movie” Precious”, her director blackballed her for being tacky and difficult after winning hr 2010 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She was not happy because this incident by that director had caused her to be passed over in favor of others when trying to secure other movie roles.
Was it because she appeared on the show dressed similar to Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American actress to win an Oscar on the 75th anniversary of it? Not necessarily. Here’s what Lee Daniels had to say in response:

“Mo'nique is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her demands through Precious were not always in line with the campaign. This soured her relationship with the Hollywood community. I consider her a friend. I have and will always think of her for parts that we can collaborate on. However, the consensus among the creative teams and powers thus far were to go another way with these roles.”

It looked to me like this ‘game’ Mo’Nique was supposed to have played was of an implied nature. It was wrong to campaign for an award that should’ve been won by merit, which she did, exactly like Hattie McDaniel. If they, the Hollywood community knew Mo’Nique was ‘a force to be reckoned’ with they should not have expected her to play the game exactly as they wanted in the first place and use it to blacklist her. This five year grudge should be forgotten. These parts she was being offered were only out of common courtesy. She knew this. Today’s hot stars were yesterday’s has been. Hollywood was fickle.   

People like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg had to fight for some of the roles they got too. Oprah’s weight was probably a major reason why she was passed over in some roles. It was easily written into the script in the movie “The Color Purple” At first, Goldberg was seen more by the Hollywood community as a comedienne, not an actress. She fought for the role in “Corinna, Corinna’, which was enjoyed by me.

This blogger stood by Mo’Nique because of her integrity. 

Movie Aquaman had a more muscular build and 'intimidating' look

The new Aquaman photos looked awesome! As a fan of both Marvel and DC Comics, it was only a matter of time before something like this came out. Granted my image of him was stuck in the 1967 cartoon where he was clean cut. Until the Cartoon Network came out with new animated series, he looked more kingly and muscular. Of course, Jason Momoa’s pictures were awesome for the new movie, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Also, his character hadn’t lost his hand yet.
Snyder's Aquaman was different from the animated character because he didn’t have blond hair nor was he in tights. The hair was longer and his face looked like a man that wore his worries as a leader. Kings like presidents age. Just look at Barack Obama’s pictures after he was first elected and the ones taken of him recently. Obama was almost completely gray. 

Snyder’s version of this character came from his more intimidated version of Superman.

This movie had me excited enough to have gone to movie theater to watch. Two things that could not have been known by anyone,
except the director, was the plot of this new movie or its purpose. The threat would have to be revealed too for cause to reactivate the original seven. Would Aquaman unite the seven seas because he was king or would he try to unite the original seven in The Justice League? In 1960, they were: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Anything was possible with this fierce looking character. 

Possible Treasures: Two new books by Dr. Seuss

As an avid fan of Dr. Seuss, it was exciting to have found out that there was a complete manuscript with full illustrations among his personal effects. New readers who loved pets and shopping for their favorites might enjoy this book, What Pet Should I Get?

The best thing about Dr. Seuss’s writing was that the sentences in most of the books read to me and by me were easy to read because they had a rhyme to them. Sometimes it made us laugh to hear the reader get tongue-tied in the ABC Book and The Foot Book.

Not to sound biased, but as a youngster, reading for me started with the Dick and Jane series my brother brought home from school. The short, choppy sentences were ok, but there was no rhyme and fun to them like the ones written by Seuss. The ABC book made my brother and me laugh, especially the rhyme on the last page. 

What wasn’t owned in hardcover was seen on television in cartoon form like Horton Hears A Who, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Horton Hatches the Egg. The last one was a cartoon short directed by Bob Clampett, not Chuck Jones, in the 1940’s. It sounded and looked familiar to me. The ending of the cartoon was neat and spoke volumes. 

Fans of this author would be pleased to know that not one, but two books were planned for publication by Random House, What Pet Should I Get?, out in July of this year, and another untitled work reported by Good Morning America today. 

On Domestic Violence:  There should be stiffer penalties for entertainers

Domestic violence was on the rise in America. It was no longer kept behind closed doors. One didn’t have to have been hit to be abused. It could start with disappointment, stress at work, or financial difficulties. In the case of Ray J, his girlfriend, Princess Love, beat him up last week for spending the night at a strip club. Ray J suffered broken ribs and an injured knee.  She was arrested after the incident was reported at their home in Louisiana. It must have been love between them because he paid her bond and $10,000 lawyer fee.

Musicians and actors should be held accountable for their behavior both on and off the job like primary, secondary and college professors had a code of conduct in the handbook. What they said and did reflected the record labels and television, movie studios, and musical theater companies they work for. They already have this for movie and television, but the record labels hadn’t caught on yet.

Not too many people would have done this, love or not. Any man that put his hands on me like that needed to be in jail until his arraignment. Most of the time, abuse was similar to control. Men and women used this tactic to gain power over their weaker mate.  There was usually a cycle of abuse involved where the abused became the abuser. The mean child that picked on the \\mentally and physically challenged at recess on the school playground or didn’t invite the strange person to an ‘in’ party, grew up and did the same thing as an adult. These people were self-centered, patronizing, conceited, and scared.

The one thing that interested me was the triggers that set abusers off. My neighbor drank, but no one had ever seen him drunk. His arguing with his significant other was loud enough to awaken me at any time of night. The cops were called to my apartment complex because of him screaming, swearing, and her crying. As part of a neighborhood watch, it was my duty to report these disturbances to the police and apartment managers. They could’ve only followed through if there were an actual apartment number on the police report in issuing a lease violation. Three of those and they were evicted.

My guess on the trigger part was it was a payday weekend where Monday was a holiday. In the whole time of my residence here, there were blow ups but my having to have had the cops here was not necessary until now. Usually some other resident called. It was even more embarrassing to have had that incident plastered all over the news. They went to the other side of the complex so they wouldn’t have disturbed me, but if the wind shifted just right, they could still have been heard on that side. In the case of my neighbor, neither cop nor female scared him. The police banged on his door and front window for twenty minutes last night before he opened the door. He was still argumentative and defensive, even after the cop threatened eviction. There was certainly denial on my neighbor’s part about the length of time this went on or whether it happened before. Evidently jail did.

Here was what the Bible said about abuse:

Proverbs 21:9 - [It is] better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house. (KJV)

RayJ would’ve been wiser to have remembered this verse before deciding to spend the night in a strip club.

1 Corinthians 7:1 Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: [It is] good for a man not to touch a woman. (KJV)

As for my thoughts: If it weren’t for their status, Princess Love and Ray J wouldn’t even have crossed my newsfeed if it were not for the beat down he took. Of course, if P Love were an athlete, there would’ve been stiffer penalties for the brawl. As for my neighbor next to me, it was hard to tell what was to happen next.   

Ordinarily, Nutella was one of my favorite go to snacks taken by the spoonful right from the jar. To hear that the creator, Michele Ferrero, died yesterday was a travesty.  According to the report by Bing last night, he was the fifth largest confectioner behind such companies as Mars, Inc.

Nutella, extremely popular all over the world, came out of the need for cocoa during the war. Because of its shortage, other nut based PRODUCTS were used. In America, the spread was made with soy PRODUCTS, but traditionally it was made with sugar and palm oil. In Europe, specifically Italy, it couldn’t have been marketed as chocolate spread because it didn’t meet the standards for that. The company used 25 percent of the crop of hazelnut. 

Here was what the Bible said about work:

23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. 25 For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality. (ESV)

7 rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man, 8 knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether he is a bondservant or is free. (ESV)

The founder, whose motto was: “Work, Create, and Donate”, did just that. For people that no longer worked for his company, his foundation established in 1983, was for them. Since that time, it awarded money for further study and even some grants. He was very kind to his employees and had a great working environment. Even though he stayed out of any type publicity about his company, he remained a strong leader, never letting anyone but family in his business.

When Nestles approached them wanting to buy the company, they said it was not on the market. With his death, his created a problem. His eldest son, Pietro, died in 2011 of a heart attack. The youngest, by right should've inherited, but Giovanni was not INTERESTED in his father’s business. With $22.3 billion at stake, this wasn't to have been easy. The fate of the company affected the employees. 

Breaking Barriers: Two that made their mark

There were two people that made history this week, Jamie Brewer, who was to be the first woman with Down Syndrome to walk the runway during fashion week in New York and Carmen Dell 'Orefice, the first 83 year old supermodel to still be in the business. Why was this so important? Because Jamie was a mentally challenged adult with talent and looks to do so.  Carmen Dell ‘Orefice took a stand for age.

This excited me because a lot of people with this type of challenge were stepping out. Not all were able to be models, but some went further than their day programs and jobs in closed shops. A few on the high end of this condition were even able to drive a car as discovered by me while watching a news program as a teenager.  For some, like my physical therapist on base, found it difficult to understand.

Most of the time some sort of group home or care facility would be their destination, but not for one actress, named Andrea Fay Friedman, who appeared in an episode of “Family Guy” --a parody spoofing Sarah Palin’s son, Trig.  Also, she appeared in an episode of “Law & Order : SVU”  as a special needs adult that got pregnant When a news magazine did a story on her, it was discovered that she drove a car.

After reading about Chris Burke’s start in acting, he inspired me also after seeing him on “Life Goes On” The role was made for him.

Ms. Dell 'Orefice admitted after so long in the business that she was still navigating the manual on her job. Based on what was viewed by me, it looked like there was no problem. Being realistic, about it assignments start fading after a certain plateau was reached. Christie Brinkley stopped modeling bathing suits at 38. Even though Linda Evans was the new face at 40 in the 1980s, roles started to fade because Hollywood was for the young.  Like these women, my mother is a very beautiful. To put labels like geriatric, old, or elder was an offense to me and them.

It was awesome to see these people make a stand.

The Grammy's: They won their awards fairly

Did Sam Smith and Beck possess the Midas touch? Apparently, there was some magic in their songs, “Stay With Me” and Morning Phase. Smith’s won three of the four top awards at the Grammy’s:  record, song, and artist of the year.  The British singer –song writer ‘s career only got started eight months ago. Beck’s career was a lot longer and there were more albums too. 

This could’ve been due to the use of social media as an electronic resume.  What was meant by that was, instead of doing things the old fashioned way, sending the CD to radio stations, many artists were placing their songs on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.  
This wasn’t the way Smith or Beck started. This blogger looked them both up. These devices hadn’t hurt the road he traveled.  If he weren’t serious about his craft, there wouldn’t have been any devotion to it.

How did they win their Grammies?  They, Smith and Beck, must’ve struck a chord with the voting committee. While it was clearer that Beyonce had the better album, and her score with the committee was slightly higher. Her songs were strong enough, but there was no clear category to put her in. Was it a pop album or R &B? Her album followed no standard rule for either category.  Beck won because there wasn’t anyone else in his category.  Even though some of his songs on the album up for honor were considered safe and lacking emotion, he came by the award fairly. 

This refutes Kanye West’s  rude and unprofessionl rush to and outburst on stage and afterwards in the media about the Grammy's 'respecting music'. All should've been thankful that he wasn't on the voting committe. It would have been biased and definitely prone to controversy because of his favoritism towards Beyonce. I like her music also so there was no cut down intended. 

Big Brother recording viewer's words through television?

Should people have a smart tv in their home that included internet access? Only if they were smart enough to use the pop up function on it to erase the audio recording so it didn't allow third parties access to a private conversation or sensitive information. This was the scare that concerned purchasers of the new Samsung smart TVs. 

Even on my smart phone, it alerted me to private information copied to the clipboard or videos recently viewed. Of course, it got erased. One of the apps on my phone was unliked by me because it bombarded me with a whole bunch of porno sites It made me mad trying to remove something not wanted on there in the first place. As a Christian woman, watching pornography was a sin because it was a type of fornication. 

The statement by Samsung said:  

"Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the DATAcaptured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition," 

The best defense against any type of privacy issue was to frequently erase the spoken word from there. Turning it off would've prevented complete use of the voice recognition feature. This would've been treated like any other electronic device. Erasing one's history protected one against all types of hackers, not just those that breached passwords, One wouldn't use the same one if their computer were hacked, right?

Even though Samsung hadn't commente since making that statement two days ago, media was all over this comparing it to George Orwell's 1984. Try Agenda 21 people, the news media had already started writing their own version of the truth.

Kanye's stunt at Grammys seen as 'no harm done'

Kayne West’s stunt at the Grammys last night wouldn’t have went well if this were done a few years ago. Beyonce was already an established artist. I won’t stand on the side of what was fair. It wasn’t known how they picked the winners at these award shows. Obviously, like the world of writing, it’s the sleeper hits that get the most attention.  This blogger was shocked too finding out that Beck won for Album of the Year.  No one complained much when Michael Jackson won eight Grammys in 1984. A few of his awards were gained from “Beat it” and the album, “Thriller”. They just nick named it the Michael Jackson show.

As far as professionalism, both Beyonce and Beck showed their level of it when they both had nice things to say about this distraction. Beyonce would’ve been forgiven for her stumble if she had. It  might not have been so for Beck being the newbie in this game.  He agreed with Kanye.

Rappers were notorious for their bad boy image anyway. Eminem won for Best Rap Album of the year.  Social media rolled their eyes and threw up their hands because this was done by someone who was not black. Skin color didn’t play a factor here. Elton John did some of the background vocals and music. They performed it on the show.There were three reasons why he was unliked by me and one of the main reasons they tried to put warning labels on suggestive album lyrics:

1.       Foul language
2.       Glorified domestic violence
3.       The drowning of a girlfriend thrown in a car at the bottom of a lake

After all was said and done, Kanye’s rant was to go down in history as a minor distraction. This too shall fade. 

Squabbling continues over star's estate
Nothing showed the character of a family until someone passed away and the will was read. The heirs of Robin Williams were in court contesting the legal will of the late actor yesterday. One of the legal liabilities was that the late actor was married three times.  Right now, his heirs and wife were squabbling over his personal possessions.

At the time of his death, Robin Williams had an updated will which included money put aside for trusts, and a pre-nuptual in place. Will the fighting over what remained of his belongings stop? Only the Almighty knew.

Here’s what was known by me. Texas law allowed a spouse having a will so disposal of property and the like was left to the widow if there was none:

1.       Upon my father’s death in 1995, the bulk of his estate went to my brother, the eldest child. That included the big freezer, the blue cooler, and most of his jewelry.

2.       I only got a few clothing items that actually still fit today, most of his computer equipment, and his social security benefits and a good chunk of his veterans benefits. Actually the amount went up when his death was known.

3.       If my mother passes on, my brother still got the bulk of her estate. Because there wouldn’t be anyone to help me here in Texas, I would probably move closer to my family in Georgia.  Being unable to drive or pay for the upkeep of my mother’s house, it was only right that the eldest receive it. But the renter should be able to pass the panel of three, credit, criminal, and employment checks.

When my aunt passed in 2013, there was a big squabble over her property in the Florida condo. Apparently, there were promises made but there was nothing stated in the will, if there was one.  A will lets people know the deceased person’s wishes. If the promise wasn’t placed in the will, one shouldn’t expect to receive it.  Now that #Bobbi Kristina was on life support, it was unclear whether there was a will. She is only 21.

Remake of "Poltereist" offered new ways to scare using 3-D

As an avid fan of the” Poltergeist” movies, this was an interesting situation that was only a rumor last year. Well so was the remake of the “Omen” movie which did not hold a candle to the original filmed in the 1970’s that starred Gregory Peck.  Sadly, this version wasn’t to include the late Heather O’Rourke, who died before filming was completed on the third installment. One was also to miss Zelda Rubenstein, Tangina, the seer, who  “didn’t like trick questions.” 

With this update, it was sure to add an electrical charge to one’s viewing. Like more scares in 3-D. It might be better wearing extra padding in case one watching this movie was unable to hold their bladder.  Like the three originals, scare factor gave was what gave it charm.  Don’t forget the closet light!

With all the new electronic gadgets, like smart phones, smart televisions, iPads, and tablets, it’s not just the regular television set that was the problem this time. Back in 1982, people complained about the use of television as a babysitter.  Now those gadgets might’ve been watching their victims. 

My smart phone was acting weird enough.  As long as the light blinked blue purple, white, red, or green, it was just fine.  After this movie, it might've ended up in the trash. The trailer, a teaser, was due to premiere this Thursday.

Cause of Taiwan plane crash not known

My condolences went out to families of the 26 victims in the latest plane crash over a river in Taiwan. This was the third bad plane crash reported in as many months. Apparently this was one of many bad plane crashes that occurred in the last year.

While the reason behind the latest crash was still being investigated, several from the past year were too, no one should be afraid to fly. It was still one of the safest ways to travel.
There were several reasons for planes that crash:

  1.  Pilot error/malpractice Airlines flight MH370
  2.    Mechanical malfunction
  3.    Weather  TransAsia Airways flight GE222 a typhoon in Taiwan Air Algerie AH5017,
  4.    Shot down over restricted air space flight MH17

The good news was, although these flights met with a tragic end, the causes of these disasters were all from different causes. If they all had the same thing happened it would’ve been easier finding a pattern.  While deaths like this were always bad. At least nothing listed was because of a terrorist attack or mechanical failure. More good news, there were steps being put in place to avoid the shooting down of airplanes that flew into restricted airspace.

With the latest crash, fifteen people were rescued and at least 18 were missing from the 58 passenger plane. The death toll was expected to rise as the rescue/recovery efforts continued. The flight recorder offered nothing that indicated why the plane was in trouble. The cause of the crash was not known at this time. 

No critics allowed: Bobbi Kristina Brown not out of danger yet
photo by:Wedding photo rocks

Over the weekend, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found in face down in a bathtub of water. After CPR and the paramedics were called, she was place in a sleep induced coma. Yesterday, she opened and closed her eyes, which was a good sign but she wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Doctors said that because Ms. Brown was not breathing for two to five minutes, there may have been irreversible brain damage when she awoke.

Now TMZ reported she was doing much better, but was still critical. Reaction to the news on social media was and still is mixed. No one knew what caused her to have been face down in the bathtub Some said it was the movie that recently came out about her mother. Others said that it was a folly of having both parents on drugs. Whitney Houston suffered from some sort of chemical imbalance and took medication.

While my prayers for Bobbi Kristina have been constant for a speedy recovery, it appalled me when reading some of the comments people posted on social media. Not being a doctor, my knowledge of chemical imbalances and its causes were limited. If there were an issue, the choice was made with a clouded mind to end up face down in a tub of water. To the harsh critics, don’t be so judgmental! Stop playing the arm chair critic Not everyone can handle the expectations that came with high profile parents. It made the Hollywood fish bowl that much smaller. The sins of the parents should not be visited on the daughter. 

Attack in France: More die needlessly as churches torched in Nigeria 

Ok, there were a few things that must be said about the recent upheaval with the attacks in France and the situation with Sony to withhold the Christmas release of “The Interview”, which was a satire so to speak. The right to express an opinion was covered under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
My answers were here in order to make people think. Usually when someone did something in anger, thinking was the last thing on that person’s mind. After all this time the African communities around the nation hadn’t forgotten the pain of the past. Whenever someone of color was shot and killed, a riot usually happened.
The 700 Club said that 10% of France’s population those that were radical were Muslim. Any satire against their prophet Muhammad was an offense. Since this was taken seriously, 17 people were marked for death over the first cover. To prevent other uprisings, Europe cracked down on known sleeper cells in their countries. As of today, The before mentioned program said that there was violence in Nigeria and some other western African countries where people were killed and churches were burned because of the cartoon.


   Was it right when rioting to destroy one’s property or steal another’s things?
b.      Was it justified, striking back in anger and murdering 17 people?
c.       Was it right for people to have died and churches burned in Western Africa because of what happened in France?
d.      Was it right to provoke anyone by derogatory remarks, racial slurs, or satire?
e.       Was it right for men to hit women?
NO on all counts.
1.      First of all, my support of France was as solid as those who marched in defiance when they defended their right to freedom of expression after the attacks. My condolences for the 17 people who were killed almost two weeks ago.
a.       Any time there were references to things like 9/11 or a bomb threat similar to the one in Boston in an e-mail they were to have been taken seriously. Sony might have stood alone but they were correct in what they did.
b.      It was better to delay and hurt a little financially then to pay for wrongful death lawsuits and go bankrupt from that.  George Clooney was allowed to criticize all he wanted but nobody knew how big the casualties would’ve been if the threat was carried out.
2.      Pope Frances was right on two counts:
a.       The line for freedom of speech stopped when people’s faith was ridiculed.
b.      His reaction f someone was to insult his parentage was on target too. It would’ve been mine if ignorance inspired violence in me, which it didn’t.
3.      My stance with Europe’s crackdown on terrorist sleeper cells was right too.
a.        England, France, Germany, and Belgium had every right to ‘nip the problem in the bud’ by detaining those who had visited known countries that supported radical belief systems.
b.      The United States did its part too. This year, one man was held in an Ohio jail without bond for his threat to blow up the nation’s capitol. By the way, any time a threat was posted on any type of social media, like Facebook, things were to have been taken seriously. The fear was that these sleeper cells resorted to brainwashing the young with the use of such devices, frightened me. Two teenage girls from Pennsylvania were returned home last year after they were promised a good life as a Muslim wife. They took down the post and profile of the person who said anyone over the age of 65 should be euthanized. Eighteen months in jail wasn’t long enough. All lives were precious so my vote was no o

n that.

      Concerning assault, domestic violence against women, and the riots that took place from the deaths of black youth late last year, the media played a huge role in the outcome.
a.       An NFL team owner and a few players got into trouble for what was repeated or seen on camera. A racial remark cost a team owner his team. Several players got in trouble for assault and domestic violence. It forced the NFL to look at its policy on punishment for player’s behavior off the field as well as on it.
b.      Even though violence was a form of expression and protected by the First Amendment, the line should’ve been drawn when the destruction of or stealing property occurred. Ferguson, Missouri had a lot of poor in that community and it was hard enough to bounce back after this. It forced the police departments nation-wide to wear body cameras. This wasn’t helped by the media when it tried writing its own version of the truth. They should’ve been held accountable like the looters in the riot.  
The new headline on France’s newspaper obviously came too late because the riots there had gotten worse according to CBS Evening News. Europe still remained on high alert because of it. Other countries that issued a crackdown of known sleeper cells were justified. The pope’s response to the riots in France was correct as were policemen to wear body cameras and the NFL’s tougher stance on assault and domestic violence. Anytime the above were placed on any type of social media, it was meant to provoke a reaction, usually a negative one.

Cosby's wife and daughter defend him, blast media, question accusers memories

Ok, apparently, this wasn’t over yet. Almost three weeks later, two more women filed suit against Bill Cosby. Yesterday, he finally broke his silence but he didn’t address the allegations against him directly. Because of recent events, he was told not to talk to anyone about the rape or assault allegations. His fmily has come to his defense, blasting the media once again for their part in this.

My mother asked what my thoughts were on Bill Cosby. She needed to read my blog on Google. Unlike a lot of the media, this blogger refuses to jump on the hate Bill Cosby bandwagon.  That was never my style, not even when Bill Clinton was going through the Monica Lewinski scandal. In spite of what was uncovered before and after Michael Jackson’s death, I still remain a fan.

One thing standing out about this whole situation was Bill Cosby’s way of carrying himself during this time of major trouble:
  • .       Refusing to answer his accusers publicly His words were “I refuse to dignify that with an answer”
  • .      Even though he was stripped of his military rank, and lost his seat on a major college board, loosing residual checks from the rebroadcast of “The Cosby Show”, and had several appearances cancelled, he never flinched or howled once.

The media still continued to vilify him in spite of his wife’s statement supporting him she made to the CBS Evening News last night. The media deserved that amount of acid from her. They can twist even a false story, like the one in Rolling Stone into truth and pass it off as legitimate. Camille had a hard time determining who the victim really was. It confused me too.  They still hadn’t retracted the story. Journalism ethics had came under fire and took a major hit. What irked me about the world of writing nowadays was that there were some reporters that didn’t care who they stepped on or destroyed to get the story. Getting it filed even with major omissions that could’ve turned the whole angle reported by them on its ear if more time to record the truth were taken.

Until the two women that had active lawsuits against him, this blogger thought the whole thing would pass without incident and Cosby would receive a public apology and be fully exonerated. Like the Paula Deen fiasco, it seemed to me that once the first rock was thrown, every accuser wanted three tries to see if they could hit him with a stone. They should be out of rocks by now or heavily scarred from the sharp ones that hit them on the way back down.

Evin Cosby's statement on rape as recorded by Access Hollywood:

"Rape is a serious allegation and it is suppose to be taken VERY seriously but so is Falsely accusing someone. When someone rapes a person they go to prison. THAT should also happen to the person that has wrongfully accused an innocent victim. They are not ONLY destroying innocent people's life they are ALSO making it hard for the MEN and Women to find justice when they have been raped," she wrote.
She questioned the validity of the alleged victims' recollections of the supposed incidents. She went on to give thanks to those that showed their support of her family.
How many of these supposed triggered memories would hold up in court after 20-30 years? The only paperwork on this would’ve been in a psychologist’s office under lock and key, similar to attorney-client privilege. Without a subpoena, those records were protected by law.  It’s like a date rape drug, undetectable most of the time during an examination to gather fluids and record trauma to the body to establish standing. With any luck, the LAPD might not have anything but heresay from the accusers and have the case thrown out due to lack of evidence.
Personally, this blogger grows weay of these stories. It was time to put them aside. logo
As if needed a bargaining tool, they will roll one out to help with those rare items. While this might’ve pleased some people who looked for rare items like sports memorabilia, books, audio, digital, and coins, it did nothing for items purchased all the time.
This was usually found on their competitor’s site, eBay, but better late than never.  Apparently, it works like the bids on the above site in that buyers and sellers communicate via e-mail. One feature that wasn’t on the eBay site was the reject button. A person won their bid if no one outbid them when the auction ended. Amazon’s haggle button, according to my local news station was for items that started a $100 and the buyer had three days to reply to the blow list price.
There were no people trying to overprice a bid on an odd occurrence like a two headed coin. One time, someone did this to me by letting a coin worth 25 cents get as high as $33. Ebay banned people who did this. Amazon was looking for a lower price bid.
Unfortunately, this feature came too late for rare items like Galaxy Express 999, Sailor Moon, and InuYasha. In 2007, the first three seasons of the latter series sold for $99.99 each after the Cartoon Network stopped broadcasting the syndicated series two years ago. Before finding the complete series on Ebay at $59.95, over $300 was spent by me trying to get the first few seasons. In that lower price, all four movies were offered with English subtitles. Thankfully, selling the previously purchased items at a loss netted me $168. It allowed me to purchase the music from the series.

A lot of these episodes were found in places like YouTube and Hulu in either Engish dubbed or Japanese with English subtitles. For the die-hard fan, they were able to have been purchased at resonable prices. Even though Galaxy Express 999 had English subtitles, my aim was getting it in English, like Vampire Hunter D, and Demon City Shinjuku. My hope was to use this feature to get the complete Poltergeist: The Legacy series.  Right now, only seasons one and two were available. 

The plum in my collection would have been Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Premiere Collection Encore on DVD. only had it in VHS format after all this time.  My efforts at offering aomething to trade in didn't work out when the buyer never answered me. 

Whatever one bought using the haggle feature made a great Christmas gift. 

Media might be to blame for rioting

Video by George Holiday

Video by Lipstick Radio

Video by AMTV

This past week was a storm of controversy. The violence in Ferguson,Missouri  over the non indictment veridict for the cop that shot Michael Brown erupted. in more than the major city. In spite of the incident, which some experts have said the cop followed his training to the letter, disagreements remained. In my Sunday School class at church, a few things were uncovered about this some of the prior incidents:

To answer some of the Christians that think people do not need to defend themslves, here's what the Bible said:

Genesis 3:14-19

14 So the Lord God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this,
“Cursed are you above all livestock
    and all wild animals!
You will crawl on your belly
    and you will eat dust
    all the days of your life.
15 And I will put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring[a] and hers;
he will crush [b] your head,
    and you will strike his heel.”
16 To the woman he said,
“I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
    and he will rule over you.
17 To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’
“Cursed is the ground because of you;
    through painful toil you will eat food from it
    all the days of your life.
18 It will produce thorns and thistles for you,
    and you will eat the plants of the field.
19 By the sweat of your brow
    you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
    since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
    and to dust you will return.” (NIV)
 Luke 22:35-38
35 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”
“Nothing,” they answered.
36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. 37 It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’ [a]; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.”
38 The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.”
“That’s enough!” he replied. (NIV)

The Bill of Rights backed this up too. We have a military to protect us, but we also have the right to defend our families and property. In spite of the push to remove guns totally, Keeping them out of the hsnds of the young sn those considered mentally unbalanced remained a problem. 
Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Media played a bigger roll in the riots that errupted It was a wonder the younger generations of African American and Hispanic youth had a problem with race relations in the United stats In the case of the Rodney King incident, it was an over use of excessive force. The media showed the cops on tape beating Rodney King with their batons.What was not shown was hs attempt at taking the cops on. The jury's failure to convict the first time caused the L.A.riots.

In the case of Trayvon Martin, he was in the complex visiting his father's fiancee. He went to the store for some Skittles and a drink. The type of drink was not known, but combined with the candy it made some type of drug. Martin already had a crimmial record..George Zimmerman, afraid of the many break-ins on the area had a right to carry a gun and was already part of a neighborhood watch.  

Localy, with the Michael Brown case, one of the  television stations said he was 'beat down' all day until this same person called the station up and asked them to define 'beat down'. Here's what came up:
To harass, subdue, or crush the spirit of <he beat down the arrogance of a heretic — H. O. Taylor> vanquish <the enemy was beaten down

By the 10 o'clock broadcast that night, wording on the story was changed. It bothered me that this happened at the local news station. 

Something else in an article disturbed me. Rioting was a form of free speech, but those in Ferguson where mostly black and the jobless prcentage was already very high.There were some that used the destruction of property and a person's ability to earn money as a scare tactic for those that want to sit at the negotiating table. They don't want that, making outreach efforts more difficult.

The race card was overplayed in the media becuse of their omissions in these stories written and the wording used to report them. What happened to giving just the facts?  It almost seemed like they wanted this to occur just so riots would happen. It didn't take much to insight trouble. The 700 Club said all that was needed was a report that a black person got shot and whomever did it was the bad guy on  the post office wall  WANTED poster. In this case, it was Darren Wilson.  

The above comments backed up the statement that media was to blame for instigating the Ferguson Missouri violence.In this blogger's opinion, they overstretched their original intent which was to inform and entertain. Add instigation of violence to the list now.**


In spite of the trouble around allegations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted Janice Dickinson, he was still to perform. Below were a list of cancellations:

It looked to me like this was a ten year old issue that reared its ugly head again. Unlike the Paula Deen fiasco, Bill Cosby was to rebound a lot faster. Right now, Netflix was postponing his special pending these alleged sexual assault/rape allegations. As a fan of both, giving them the benefit of the doubt was better than jumping on the crucifixion band wagon that the media seemed to enjoy when hearing things like this about high profile personalities.   4:16 
Even though I am not a fan of Honey Boo Boo, TLC had every right cancelling the show because her mother was alledgedly in a relationship with a convicted sex offender. That man had a mug shot and a paper trail. Cosby's accusers hadn't   come up with any mug shot, arrest record or trial transcript. Until someone dug up those papers proving criminial activity, the media should let it go. 

Bill Cosby had it right staying quiet about these alledged charges. Even though Thomas Jefferson lived openly with Sally Hemings, he learned the value of silence quieted the gossip mill. If everyone ignored this it would fade with time as did the last two accusers who came foward trying to get theit fie minutes of fame over something written in a book. 

Julia Roberts is in talks for the film Money Monster
Another divorce for Julia

Well, Julia Roberts  and Danny Moder were headed for divorce court. In spite of that lnockout body and dazzling smile, this wasn't enough to keep Danny Moder at the same residence. After 12 years of marriage and numrous reports of turbulance, he was unable to--stick it out for the children's sake, which he took when he moved out. He citied he couldn't live with her any more. Labeled a harpy, Ms. Roberts accused him of  infidelity,drug use,

Ms. Roberts must have serious insecurity issues because her marriage to Lyle Lovett only lasted two years. Afte the split with Kieffer Sutherland  she ran to Ireland to lick her wounds with this friend,  Jason Patric before returning to the set to complete filming on "Hook" with Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith and the late Robin Williams. At least, didn't have to go through  the public divorcing of her ike Moder suffered . Their engagement abruptly ended because she accused him of havig an afair with Amanda Rice,a stripper, whom he met on the day of their wedding only to play pool.

Apparently, it appeared to this writer that Roberts was living out one of her plumb roles as being attracted to a 'bum magnet' like she expressed in Pretty Woman

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