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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Surviving a natural disaster

The fire raged since 1 p.m. Friday afternoon affecting some areas in Wichita Falls, Texas, and some surrounding areas thanks to the strong winds  reaching at least 58 miles an hour. My mother smelled smoke near Sheppard Air Force Base. She prepared to evacuate by pulling her Disaster Preparedness Kit from her closet in the bedroom.

It was important to have a plan if told to evacuate because of the fires or any natural disaster. When a Code Red was  issued, one should have in their kit :
A complete change of clothes for each member of the family. This included shoes socks, sweaters, jackets coats, hats, gloves, diapers and wipes.
2.   Medications/Vitamins/Supplements taken by each member of the family.  One might want to keep the name and number of their primary doctor or pediatrician handy too.
3. Emergency contact number A cell phone number/ pager number, name and number of  a neighbor or next of kin.
4.  A stash of money Keep it simple, just focus on the essentials.
5   Important paperwork like Home Owners/Renter’s Insurance policies, shot records,
wills, This also included the dog’s or cat’s shot records, license.
6.  Canned goods, non-perishable snacks, or treats. Lets face it people did get hungry during their long wait after hurricane Katrina. The pet’s food and or treats were included here also. One would need a  small can opener too don’t forget.
7.  Water One to two gallons for each member, including the family pet per day.
8.  Stuff to do. Everyone should chose their own activity. Keep it simple, electronics should have had batteries just in case there is no electricity to use adapters or chargers. Books, toys, activity books, favorite blankets, stuffed animals, pacifiers, doggy toys leashes or harnesses.
9.  A First Aid Kit The unthinkable always occurred so it was best to keep this fully stocked and ready to go, just in case.

Luckily, my mother didn’t have to evacuate. The winds carried the fires away from her neighborhood. Because of all the fires, they closed Sheppard Air Force Base to all no essential personnel, so going to the Commissary had to wait for another time.

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