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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video Game Passes Time, Offers Strategy, and Perks

Watching the Bots Help Improve Winning Stats

Most of my friends and family don't care for board games, so I play Scrabble on my desk top against Mavis and against the Bot. I play at the beginner and intermediate levels on my computer and on line because I can win. Any higher and I'll loose badly. I have an older desk top so the Scrabble game I have runs on Windows 95 through Hasbro Interactive.

Playing Scrabble on my desk top or on line passes the time because I don't get too many phone calls or visitors to my apartment. This is the only game where it is easier to strategize and sometimes win. One uses the tiles they are given to their best advantage, making the most points.

One reason why I like this as a computer game is that there isn't anyone to challenge the words created unless the player doesn't watch where their tiles land. There isn't a need for a dictionary, so their isn't any arguing over fairness or point count. On the desk top, Mavis will challenge a word she isn't familiar with and remove it. She will allow one to have hints as to the best word and best location on the board In the on line game, the play button will not light up if the word isn't recognized. In the on line game, the only hint the player gets is what tiles to use, not where to put them on the board in order to get the most points. It pays to watch what type of words both Mavis and the Bot uses in the on line game so the player knows what to do when they have high point tiles like J, H, and Z. Luckily, Mavis allows for some of the words I play in the on line version of Scrabble.

I like the perks in both the computer games. I get bonus points for using all my tiles. The biggest challenge I found is not leaving any bonus squares exposed, giving the opponent a way to make extra points by using high point tiles. I got 137 points with one word on the desk top. My high score in the on line game is 327 points. I don't win all the time, but by watching my opponent on the desk top and on the site, I can win through strategy.

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