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Friday, April 26, 2013

New router purchase an answer to prayer when faith was kept

New router purchase an answer to prayer when faith was kept

The last few days were a trial for me. My wireless router needed replacing. Access to the internet via my laptop was made impossible for the third time in almost as many months but this time, my equipment malfunctioned.  It took a lot of faith and prayer not to buckle under.

On Wednesday evening, upon posting the second of two articles this week on the Examiner web site, my router became unavailable and accessing pages were impossible. The Time Warner Cable automated phone line showed me how to reset my modem by unplugging it  for 10-15  seconds, then reattaching it. The live technician sent a signal telling me to retry the above steps again and call them back. It worked, but loading pages were very slow. She then suggested my computer be connected to my router to reset it. This was impossible because the laptop was too heavy to carry. She suggested contacting the router manufacturer and ask them to reset it for me.

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