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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One tough lesson I don’t care to repeat a third time.

There was a time when one could call me a tight-wad or a cheapskate, but in these tough economic times, all of us Americans are watching our spending habits. My big mistake, if one can call it that, was using my Paypal account like a credit card. Everything from books to slippers was purchased using this ‘emergency’ fund. This was the third account my mother told me to start after my father passed away 16 years ago. I did that with the above account.

When I looked at my Paypal account on Monday, I only had roughly $645. It was then that I decided to stop buying things I don’t need. I’ve only ordered from my two book clubs to keep my membership active. I don’t have to worry about the other ones because I get a new book every eight weeks. One of them I wrote a check for the other goes on a credit card.

1)      If I don’t need it, don’t buy it.
2)      If I can’t pay by check or cash, I don’t need it.

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