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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The God-inspired Plan: How-to Replace Funds Meant for Emergencies

Ok, all of us complain about the band-aid the government just placed on their non-stop spending habits by raising the debit ceiling and lowering their credit score recently. Finding out that half of my Paypal funds, roughly $600, were spent and replacing this amount was one big ouch. My plan, which was God-inspired, taking two days to develop.

Using my Paypal account like a debit card with unlimited funds was where the mistake was made. Little fees that made from purchases like book clubs, on line stores, and social media added up. While it wasn't totally the fault of social media, buying credits for FarmTown, Farmville, and Cityville added up also. For example, most of the weekly $25 transfer was spent, as much as $21.45 a pop, getting $179 for Cityville. When one goes higher or levels up, they only received $1 per level in all three places.

"The purpose for having Paypal was in using the money only for emergencies," Kim said, not replacing my credit cards."

My mother had to make a trip to New York to attend her sister's funeral last year. Thanks to the money in this account, she made it.

My plan for replacing all this money, which took less then two days, was simple, and inspired by God. Increasing the weekly $25 transfer to $50 for the next 12 weeks, starting Sunday, August 21, helped me reach the target of $600. At least this wasn't as bad as the Graham-Rudman cuts that would've occurred if the government hadn't tried coming to an agreement. Since August had five weeks in it, this put me at the second week in November, which also had five weeks in it.
There are two rules to follow: 1) If it's not needed, don't buy it, and 2) If cash or check wasn't used, don't get it.

For the rest of the story, go here:

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