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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Poor writing skills weren't my fault this time

Poor writing skills weren't my fault this time

Now that AP style was well in hand, the rest of the world was supposed to follow suit. Right, and my name was the next to win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Great fairy tale. Tell me another one.
A while back, about two years ago, there was a piece written about honing my writing skill.  While the Atlanta, Georgia-based Examiner had noticed this in the last year and a half, the rest of the world should’ve  taken heed. Once in a while, it was noticed by me who wrote the event posted on the calendars. For example, a teacher or someone connected to the education field knew how to write the post so that everyone understood it. It was even better when they knew AP Style.
Last year, one of the local synagogues  had a Passover Sader in which they invited the Christian community.  It was nice not to have to correct anything because whoever wrote it knew about AP Style.  A lot of information about it was reduced to the  five W’s and the H:Who, What, When, Where,Why and How.  Now that the reading and arithmetic, two of the three R’s of education were well in hand for some, maybe  writing should’ve been focused on.

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