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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Show's Boston Marathon parody in bad taste

Show's Boston Marathon parody in bad taste

People did the dumbest things all for a cheap laugh. Well, they reached a new low when both Fox and Hulu had to pull an episode of “Family Guy” because someone doctored it making it appear that Peter Griffin set off the bombs with his phone. Not only was this in extremely bad taste, it was not funny no matter what its intent was.

The Boston Marathon tragedy that occurred Monday, April 15, killed three and injured more than 140 others. The cartoon clip that got a lot of page views on the internet Tuesday, was removed by the Fox network and Hulu because the video was doctored by someone looking for a cheap laugh at other people’s expense and it showed bad taste. It was so bad that Seth MacFarlane, creator of the show, used his Twitter account to put some distance from this controversy and his show by offering his condolences. He tweeted:

“The edited “Family Guy” clip currently showed was hated … The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts were with the victims.”

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